Where to go in Ireland

Ireland is a place where their culture is well preserved and also their natural resources are improved and cultured. The scenic views are breath taking and as old as Ireland may seem to be, there are many items that you can have fun and capture memories on your visit on this place.

Here are some of the things that you need to put on your list before leaving Ireland or decide to visit this gentle place with amazement.


  1. Cliffs of Moher

An amazing two hundred meter cliff and down that cliff is the wild Atlantic ocean busting its waves to that said place. Hello, Cliffs of Moher! This amazing place will leave you praying that you would not do anything stupid to fall or go to the edge and look at the raging sea or make you go super travel junkie and just jump of that cliff to experience a seven-second fall. Either way, it makes good memories. This overwhelming picturesque site will leave you in awe.

  1. Burren, Co. Clare

Burren offers a scene of wildflowers during May that will leave you wanting to stay longer. There are different kinds of wildflowers to be seen. Be careful in the way and do not attempt to pick up some flowers since they may cause allergy. This amazing view can be strolled down and also you can visit their herb garden and enjoy a cup of tea or two.

  1. Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival

There are many things to do here during May. Try going to Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival and see awesome fleet of tall ships that are worth the Instagram feeds.

  1. River Shannon

A cruise would be definitely lovely her in River Shannon and fall in love on the scenic views on this said cruise. This river is the longest in the island; it sails from the slope of Cuilcagh Mountain down to the City of Limerick. One source calls it when the river meets the sea.

  1. Irish Castles

Ireland is known for their well-preserved castles and scenic natural beauties. You just cannot get enough of the castles Ireland has instore for you. Going back to ancient history, these castles offer great stories to tell that will leave you in amazement. Stop by the Dublin castle, Ashford Castle, Rock of Cashel, Blarney Castle and many more. There are also smaller castles to be explored once you are there.

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