Restaurants in Ireland: 3 must go-to

Some best Irish restaurants in are sometimes out of the country of Ireland and are found in the United states of America, in other places of Europe, and many more. The food is not the only thing that matters here but also the drinks and the big heavy beers to chug! The irish taste id full of flavor and sometimes we do not even bother to know the difference and rather eat some of the foods that are served in local “irish” pubs that are, well, American in taste.
                Here are some of the restaurants in New York City that will give you an Irish taste of experience and will leave you as to what is the true taste of Ireland.

  1. The Dead Rabbit

This is one of the world’s best bar and no doubts they serve good drinks here that will definitely give you an Irish taste. This bar has some excellent reviews. The place may look a little wreck or not the high class bar you would go into to brawl with your rich friends but the foods and the drinks are all excellent with good taste at a fair price. The meal will satisfy you and maybe you will get the hang of the place once you named it your own bar!

  1. The Late Late

This bar has a 1960’s residence theme that will make you go feeling the chakras and vibes in the old age. Elegant yet stunning, this place serves dishes hardly seen outside Ireland that would treat the homesickness of an Irish man in USA. There are specials here that are quite delicious and will give you a good Irish taste.

  1. The Wheeltapper Pub

Yup, this is no mystery. This place is themed with wheels. The wheels that are used to design the place here are the carriage wheels in the old medieval days. Containing two bars, this midtown east bar and restaurant is a favorite to Irishmen and women in the area. Try their Irish Bacon, Irish Sausage Roll, and many more foods and drinks that will make your stomach happy. There is also a fireplace and a year-around patio to get you into relax mode.

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