Few Restaurants in County Clare, Ireland A Go-To

Ireland is one of the great Countries in Europe that has amazing views, picturesque scenes, preserved past, and amazing places to dine, relax and unwind. Clare is a maritime county in the province of Munster, bounded by the Atlantic, on the north-west by Galway Bay and on the east and south by the River Shannon (Clarelibrary, 2016). Clare is home to many wonderful restaurants at a variety. For this article, we are going to focus on some restaurants that county Clare has to offer. Here are some of the top restaurants from different sources that can make your stay at the county better. Prepare your list!

  1. Brendan O’Regan Room

This restaurant is fancied into a formal style resto with great menu list which reflects traditional cuisines fused with modern ones that gives Clare a good vibe. Many memories are spent by families and friends. They also accept bookings for weddings and special gatherings like anniversaries, weddings, or birthdays. They choose to serve fresh local produce in the menu to assure customers that they will find good and amazing taste and flavor in every dish served. From the line of Lam to Steaks, Brendan never fails to enlighten customers with their taste paired with their desserts from homemade pastries to Irish Coffee Torte. They also serve wines and spirits that are also under lots of varieties. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner at a fair price.

  1. The Bakehouse Restaurant

A bistro, grill and bar, the Bakehouse is one of the most famous restaurants in Clare that offers good food with excellent service. Primarily, they serve special seafood dishes that are freshly caught in the area. Their main courses also have vegetables in it not just a side dish, so it’s good news for vegans. They also provide healthy, gluten free menu. As usual, the wine is not off the list. They have a variety to choose from that are commented to be good. The restaurant atmosphere gives a relaxing and homey vibe. For the price, it’s quite costly but the food is worth it. They are open from 12 noon until 10 in the evening with entertainment during Fridays by 7 in the evening.

  1. Cloister Restaurant

An excellent rating in TripAdvisor, Cloister restaurant is very heartwarming from its food to its employees. The building of this restaurant is with much history and religious significance dating back to medieval times. The cobbled stone floor and sheets of glass gives the atmosphere of the place a cozy and in-depth feeling. Serving lunch, dinner, and special occasions, Cloister offers different menus especially during different seasons; they also offer children’s menu and vegetarian menu. They also have a good wine list to go with your set dinner or ala carte of your choice. This English restaurant is up for reservations but you can just go walk-in. in terms of price, it’s a bit expensive but wort the try.

  1. The Creamery Bar

This authentic Irish bar and restaurant is beside the imposing Bunratty Castle that gives you the traditional Irish experience according to many sources. Dated back to the early 19th century, this building was formerly a stagecoach service and over the years, the building has been used as a village creamery until it is now a restaurant and a bar.  The service and the food are quite good that completes the historical package when eating here. They serve main courses and even short orders like starters and snacks. They also have desserts, pizzas, and sandwiches to enjoy after getting fond of the castle. Aside from the food, the pace is totally Instagram-worthy. The prices here are reasonable enough.

  1. Rowan Tree Café Bar

Open seven days a week from 10:30 am to 11pm, Rowan Tree Café bar offers pizza, pasta, light snacks, and other tasty short orders to enjoy. They also have a wide selection of beer and wine to be paired with their menus. This bar is overlooking the river of Ennis, truly a view worth capturing while enjoying their Mediterranean inspired cuisines. The atmospheres they give to customers are relaxing and at the same time enjoyable. Also, the have an al fresco for those who like to enjoy the outside environment. Prices are all fair with their amazingly good taste.

  1. Durty Nelly’s

Another authentic Irish pub, which was established during 1620, this was formerly a spot for castle guards to relax and drink. This bar with two restaurants in the same building, has a vibrant atmosphere and local banter that are enjoyed by everyone who comes in. as the favorite ‘watering hole’ of both locals and visitors, this pub is well known and a must check out. They also serve good foods here to partner up the drink. People value the fun and convenience the employees give to the clusters that makes them feel at home.

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