A list: Pubs and Bars Around the World

A Pub is a British word for a tavern or a bar. This is a type of business establishment that promotes social interactions with group of friends through drinking and selling of liquors. The British started the practice of drinking ale which most pubs offer today all over the world from different origins. The English people were not the only one who knows how to drink and love it as well. Almost all parts of the world have their own booze center, bar, or pub.

For a pub spree, below are sites that The Guardian.com recommends a pub hunter to visit all over the world. I can only mention a few which I also would want to experience.

  1. Apotheke Cocktail Bar, Chinatown, New York

This fancy pub is in the bucket list of a must try experience list. The area is decorated like an old-fashioned apothecary in Europe and the people here prepare your drinks like they are mixing a concoction like in a science experiment.  This pub is a lot of fun that it brings chemistry in the picture to make their drinks better and amusing than others. The bar has an excellent atmosphere that would make you stay for hours. As you go to NY, make sure to stop by and try their mixes. For more information on this bar, go to www.apothekenyc.com.











Source of image: https://nyeline.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/nyeline-apotheke.jpg





  1. Trailer Happiness, Portabello, London

This place serves original cocktail drinks with a twist of tiki spirit. The inside of the pub is quite relaxing paired with their drinks. The said bar has been around for almost a decade now and it recently got better. They do not also just serve liquor, but their food is promising to be of best quality. This place is well-known for their rum-based beverages. For more information on this pub, go to their site www. Trailerhappiness.com.















Source of image: https://media.timeout.com/images/102182067/image.jpg













  1. Sky Bar, Bang Rak, Bangkok

On the 63th floor of the great Lebua Hotel lies the Sky Bar that serves amazing views of the Chao Praya River and exotic Bangkok to customers while drinking their cocktails. This pub has a fancy side to it, if you have seen the Hangover 2, this is the bar that was used in the taping of a certain scene. People who come into the said bar dress to impress and deserves a moment at one of the highest buildings in Bangkok and rest assured they are having a great time.  If you are planning to stop by at Bangkok, try inquiring at their site: www.lebua.com.









Source of image:http://bangkokattractions.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/bangkok-sky-bars.jpg








  1. Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse, Chicago, Illinois

Want to enjoy a drink and a stake? No problem! Stop by at Chicago and look for Gibson’s where they serve one of the greatest steaks on the planet according to The Guardian.com. The place has huge windows that let you see lines of luxury cars owned by wealthy people. The said pub is at a curve so it’s easy to spot. The place is busy as a bee and live entertainment is always on going like live piano jazz. Stop by at Chicago and experience the Gibson’s! learn more at www.gibsonsteakhouse.com.



Source of image:https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7gcKj6WwWB7Yz21_I1LtiEJdZsqtfxSqeChQ3NLhoVbZrxS5_








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